Corrugated Cardboard

Product parameters:
Application Scenarios:

Eco-Friendly Packaging、Shipping and Transportation、Storage and Organization、Furniture protect、Padding......

Type: Soft cardboard、Hardened cardboard

Color: Yellow、White

Specification: 787mm×1092mm 889mm×1194mm

Width:30cm、 40cm、 50cm、 60cm、 70cm、 80cm、 100cm、 120cm、 130cm、 140cm、150cm、160cm


Thickness: 2mm、3mm、4mm

Gram weight: 70-300 g/m2

Breakage resistance: 80%-100%

Custom sizes and printing available


Strength and Durability: Corrugated paper is known for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, providing durability and protection to the packaged items. It can withstand compression, impact, and stacking without compromising the integrity of the packaging.

Lightweight: Despite its strength, corrugated paper is lightweight, which helps reduce shipping costs and makes handling easier. It adds minimal weight to the overall package, making it more economical and efficient.

Versatility: Corrugated paper can be easily customized and tailored to fit specific packaging needs. It can be cut, folded, and shaped into various sizes and configurations, allowing for versatility in packaging design and product protection. customized and tailored to fit specific

Cushioning and Shock Absorption: The corrugated structure of the paper provides excellent cushioning properties, absorbing shocks and impacts during transportation. It helps protect fragile and delicate items, reducing the risk of damage.

Sustainable and Recyclable: Corrugated board is made from renewable resources, such as wood fibers, and is recyclable. It is an eco-friendly packaging option that reduces environmental impact and promotes sustainability.