Move Carton

Product parameters:
Application Scenarios:

Residential Moves、solution for organizing and protecting、Office Relocations、Storage and Organization、Donation and Charity、Business Inventory Moves、Student Moves、Event Setups and Exhibitions、Temporary Moves or Renovations......

Color: Yellow、 White

Type: No handles、with handles、with plastic handles

Size: 30*30*30cm、35*35*20cm、35*35*30cm、40*30*20cm、40*35*25cm、40*30*30cm、40*40*40cm、45*40*25cm、50*30*30cm、50*35*30cm、50*40*40cm、55*40*42cm、60*40*50cm、70*50*50cm、80*50*60cm、90*50*60cm、100*50*50cm

Hardness: hardened、very hard、 super hard

Yellow case in stock


Sturdy and Durable: Moving paper boxes are designed to be sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding the rigors of moving. They provide reliable protection to the contents, ensuring that items remain intact during transportation.

Easy Packing: Cardboard moving boxes are easy to pack due to their convenient size and shape. They offer a standardized solution for organizing and packing belongings, making the moving process more efficient and streamlined.

Stackable Design: Handle carton are typically designed to be stackable, allowing for efficient use of space during transportation and storage. This feature helps optimize the available space and prevents damage to the items inside.

Versatile Sizes: Handled storage boxes come in various sizes to accommodate different types of items. They offer flexibility in packing various belongings, from smaller items like books and clothing to larger items like kitchenware and electronics.

Cost-effective: Handled packaging boxes are generally cost-effective compared to other packing materials. They offer a budget-friendly solution for packing and moving belongings, especially when purchased in bulk.

Reusability: Handle cutout boxes can be reused for future moves or for storage purposes. Their durability allows for multiple uses, making them a sustainable and economical option in the long run.